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Stop Forced Abortion — China’s One Child Policy — Women’s Rights


This is a powerful, 4-minute video about forced abortion in China:

Stop Forced Abortion – China’s War on Women!


बढ़ती जनसंख्या पर नेताओं की चुप्पी


The UN once again has come out with projections that India’s population will surpass that of China’s soon.
Centre for Health and Social Justice, hosts a National Coalition against Coercive Population Policies represented at the panel in NDTV raised concerns with regard to effect of population momentum, negative implications of two-child restriction on women’s participation in panchayats and social welfare schemes (IGMSY) and forcefully put forward the need to make food security unconditional and the need to de-link the population control mindset with women’s right to nutrition and basic right to health care, need for policy planning keeping the focus on equity and reproductive rights justice.