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Submission to CSW on forced/coerced sterilisation and abortion of HIV+ women in Asia

The Women of Asia Pacific Plus (WAP+) has made a submisstion (attached) to the Comission on the Status of Women highlighting coerced sterilisations and abortions and other violations of rights during pregnancy and delivery among women living with HIV in six Asian countries: Bangladesh, Combodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Viet Nam.
Citing evidence reported in “Positive and Pregnant: How dare you” (link below) the report highlights in particular coerced sterilisations, coerced abortions, and coerced caesarean section deliveries among pregnant women living with HIV, as well as refusal of care during pregnancy and at delivery.
Positive and Pregnant: How dare you – A study on access to reproductive and maternal health care for women living with HIV in Asia
Leena Uppal
Advocacy Officer
Coalition Against Two-Child Norm and Coercive Population Policies
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