India’s family planning programme and policy under ‘rights-based’ scrutiny

Stephanie Nolen’s (The Globe and Mail, Canada) who wrote an article on “Why India’s acclaim for protecting reproductive rights rings hollow” has been quoted in a china digital times website.
This reflects that India’s family planning programme that had once had been viewed as inspiring is actually being equated to the china’s coercive one child policy and India’s ‘rights-based approach in family planning’ is now internationally being questioned.
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About coalitiontcn

The Coalition on Two Child Norm and Coercive Population Policies is a group of individuals and organisations interested in addressing the issue of coercive population policies pushed by different states in India, especially the Two Child Norm (TCN). The recent examples of attempts to impose the TCN have come from states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Bihar. Activists including organisations and individuals from various states have expressed interest in a need for a Coalition that will anchor advocacy with the state governments to (a) prevent them from implementing the norm where it is not yet implemented but proposals towards the same have been expressed in public (b) advocate for removal of TCN through and build evidence to highlight its negative implications in states where it is already implemented. The Coalition is hosted at Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ, New Delhi).

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  1. It is interesting to see international media raise their concern about the two child norm and the ASHA led female focused sterilisation in India, and compare it to the coercive one child policy in China. Whereas Media in India still reports about the growing population and the need for population control. Stephanie Nolan’s article is well researched and timely.

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