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Woman dies during sterilisation camp-a call for immediate action


There is constant reporting from Rajasthan about the problems in relation with the family planning programme of the state with special reference to female sterilisations. Rajasthan Patrika, in the month of November carried an article about the state witnessing an array of failure cases of sterilisation, to the tune of around 4200 cases of failure and 26 deaths within a span of two years (2009-2011). There was also information about compensations being made to the tune of 10 Crores.

These high failure rates are attributed by some of the experts on population issues to the poor quality of services and lack of attention to MoHFW guidelines on female sterilisation.   

Today (December 11, 2012) Dainik Bhaskar in Kota, in a family planning camp organized in Atru Community Health Centre, a 26 year old woman died soon after she got an anesthesia injection. It is not yet clear why she died of an injection. Experts are questioning whether her medical check-up was conducted before she was given the injection. A local team has been constituted under the leadership f the Chief Medical health Officer Dr. Premsingh Lohiya, to look into the case but in the mean time, the team has assured that the family of the deceased woman will be given the insurance claim of Rs. 1.5 lakh.  It is also reported in the news that the state authorities asked the family members to take the body of the deceased woman back home. 

In response to this incident, the Chief Medical Health Officer, has reportedly mentioned that “in this camp 50 women had been sterilised. Even after this woman developed complications after the injection were administered, 20 more women were operated upon and they are doing well!” 

Immediate Actions: 

  • The concerned groups in Rajasthan could meet with the family and take an account of the incident and create a fact finding document.
  • Acquire a copy of the postmortem report, once it is out.
  • Decide on further advocacy action once these documents are ready.  
  • Networks and Coalitions to join in forces with the Rajasthan groups to suggest further actions and volunteer resources for this work.

 Swarup Pal and Leena Uppal, Coalition Against two-Child Norm and Coercive population Policies

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