Global Bodies call for end to Forced Sterilisation


In 2011, The World Medical Association (WMA) and IFHHRO – International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations, have  condemned the practice of forced and coerced sterilisation as forms of violence that severely harm physical and mental health and infringe human rights.

Rights of the persons who have a disability or belong to a marginalised group, have been upheld and importance fo informed choice has been underlined.

Consent to sterilisation should be free from material or social incentives and should not be a condition of other medical care, social, insurance or institutional benefits.

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In sharp contrast to this international commitment, news indicating how incentives and disincentives are playing a major role in coercing people to undergo sterilization procedures immeterial of  informed consent have been emerging from various states in India.

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About coalitiontcn

The Coalition on Two Child Norm and Coercive Population Policies is a group of individuals and organisations interested in addressing the issue of coercive population policies pushed by different states in India, especially the Two Child Norm (TCN). The recent examples of attempts to impose the TCN have come from states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Bihar. Activists including organisations and individuals from various states have expressed interest in a need for a Coalition that will anchor advocacy with the state governments to (a) prevent them from implementing the norm where it is not yet implemented but proposals towards the same have been expressed in public (b) advocate for removal of TCN through and build evidence to highlight its negative implications in states where it is already implemented. The Coalition is hosted at Centre for Health and Social Justice (CHSJ, New Delhi).

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